Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) is the first stage in assessing the ecological value of a site and enables identification of features of ecological interest.

Often called a PEA, this appraisal involves both a field survey, including a Phase 1 habitat survey and a desk survey.

In a number of cases, additional surveys beyond the PEA will be required to support a planning application. A PEA also forms the foundation of Ecological Impact Assessments, used to inform Scoping Reports and Environmental Impact Assessments.

How we can help

Wild Surveys have extensive experience of conducting Preliminary Ecological Appraisals in Scotland in line with the CIEEM guidelines, providing reports which meet the requirements of national and local planning policies, including the requirements for positive effects on biodiversity (NPF4) and production of Biodiversity Enhancement Strategies.

We have experience liaising with local biodiversity officers, planners and landscape architects to develop biodiversity enhancements measures that are sustainable, feasible and appropriate to the size and scale of development.

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