Wild Surveys



Building Inspection

Wild Surveys have been carrying out building inspections and bat activity surveys for over ten years, we are experienced in all aspects of building and structure inspections for bats.

Activity Surveys

Ideally three activity survey’s should be carried out, and may consist of one dawn, and two dusk. These should be spread out over the season (April-September) with at least one survey undertaken during June or July which is during the maternity season.

Tree Climbing

All tree survey work should include an assessment of the potential a tree has to support bats; as even unoccupied bat roosts are protected by law.

Any trees to be felled or in need of tree surgery, should have a bat survey carried out, if there is any possibility of bats using the features as roosts.

All wild surveys staff are qualified tree climbers with experience in inspecting a variety of tree species for the presence of individual bats or roosts.

Hand Strip

If a bat is found in a tree, building, or structure, a licensed bat worker will be required to be present during any work carried out on this area. The identified area should be slowly stripped under licence by hand until the licensed bat worker is satisfied there is no longer a risk to any bats that may be or have been present. We have four licensed full time members of staff who have experience in dealing with this type of work.


As compensation for the loss of a bat roost, bat boxes or roof tiles specifically designed to accommodate bats, may be required to satisfy licence conditions, our experienced staff can best advise the, location, design type, and number required, as well as other forms of mitigation which may be appropriate to your project.


If a bat roost is identified during an activity survey, then a licence will have to be applied for from Scottish Natural Heritage. If a licence is granted this will allow the destruction or disturbance of a bat roost at a specific location, the licence holder should ensure any conditions applied to the licence are carried out. It should be noted that a licence is not automatically granted and each application is decided on a strict set of criteria known as the 'three tests'. We can prepare, apply, and deal with all aspects of the licence process.